Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Signature Picture

Remember this wedding invite? Well they didn't have time to use my graphic for the invites but they did end up using it at the wedding. We had it printed onto an 18"x 24" canvas 
Which they had all of the guests sign 
 The ADORABLE couple (his Dad did the ceremony)
 The wedding turned out sooo beautiful ! It was a backyard wedding, the house sits on a lake in a golf course community and it was so nice- the little lake even had an alligator that swam around- AWESOME! The bride had 1000 cranes strung up.
 And the beautiful cake (via Cinotti's Bakery)

 And the car ... because it just makes me laugh!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. Lots of wows to go around! The signature print is cool! Very cool! The 1000 cranes are amazing and that cake is beautiful!!! The couple aren't too bad either! Just kidding, they look amazing and happy! :)

  2. LOVE the canvas, great idea. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. The cake is amazing, whoever did that is good! And of course love the cranes. That would have been a fun wedding to go to.

  3. That canvas print is amazing and what a lovely idea to get guests to sign it! I love the cake too. The car photo made me smile too - because at first I thought they'd wrapped it in plastic to stop people covering it in other stuff. Not sure about over there, but in the UK it's not unusual to get the car covered in shaving foam, silly string and all manner of other items!

  4. omg this wedding looks amazing! so colorful and romantic! very very nice!!!!

  5. I love your drawing. I was a fun way to spend an afternoon!


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