Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Dirty Secret Revealed

AKA- The closet makeover
For the first time ever, in our long married life, You Know Who and I have a lovely amount of closet space. In fact, we each have our own closet space. Each closet came with a basic wire shelf around two walls.
 It was inefficient. 
We meant to change them right away but life has a way of changing your plans sometimes. I've tried to be flexible but it had come down to this......
The storage boxes were a recent addition. The sweaters had been stacked on the shelf and were daily threatening to fall and suffocate me.
Even though I have purged, I am still unable to let go of the nice winter clothes I have from our years in Germany.
Jessica made a plan for each of the closets. She helped her dad do his a couple of months ago. I didn't get any before pictures, so the after would have no impact now...
On Wednesday I emptied the closet.
On Thursday You Know Who painted.
On Friday Jess and I went shopping at a store that I know far more intimately than I am comfortable with. I have no desire to add up all of the receipts I have from Lowe's, it would make me cry. In fact, they should know me by name and roll out a red carpet when I arrive. It's one of the sad parts about buying from such a large place, you're just one of many....
These guys were helpful and cut our shelving perfectly  per Jessica's instructions. 
They were funny too. The big guy did say he recognized us. That's nice since between Jess and I we have bought 4 major appliances from him personally! 
I didn't take a picture of all of the supplies because I am forgetful and we were in the moment. About three hours later thanks to Jess and You Know Who, I had this loveliness to look at.
 One of the weird things about this house is they didn't plan closets for linens so I needed space in my closet for things like that. I am still needing to put up some hooks for my extra purses, belts and such. If I come up with something cute and clever, I'll post it.
Don't hold your breath.
Before - unbearable mess
After- bliss.


  1. Congrats to a great makeover ! I had to grin when I read you're a regular at your local home improvement store ... I was there 5 years ago, too ... but the number of our visits at Obi went down pretty much ! So, there's hope - and your new closet just looks wonderful!

  2. It looks fantastic! Great job to all of you! I especially loved peeking at the fabrics and thinking "oh I remember that one..." and same thing with the boots! Hehe!

  3. That turned out great. It will make your life easier, funny how something like organizing a closet can do that.

  4. Awesome make-over! Good Job.

  5. You do eventually go to lowes less but they still seem to get an outrageous amount of money out of us a year!
    The closet is so much better. The picture just don't do it justice!


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