Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Tuesday

A couple of Saturdays ago while having dinner with my guy and his parents, I looked out the window and saw this. He/she? was on the fence out by my garden. I say this to excuse the not so hot photos..... window, rain, distance, moo. 
 I was trying not to squee (I am a bird nerd, I love them.... ) because when I looked again, I saw there were two.
 I have no idea of the exact type that they are. Hawks of some sort, I'm not knowledgeable, I just like them.
They are rather intimidating and I realized they were trying to intimidate the squirrels in our yard.
 They were either practicing their hunting skills or trying to have one for dinner, though I never saw them get close. There are three squirrels that hang out in our yard and they're pretty fast.
Now that I think about it, lately I've only seen two. 

Garden Tuesday is over at Sidewalk Shoes.
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  1. Love the hawk pictures! We had one land on the fence at the end of our driveway 2 years ago with a squirrel in his talons. I got a few pictures before he took off for the nearby trees. Amazing sight!

    I don't think yours are red tails, however it would be fun to find out what kind of hawk they are.

  2. wow! It looks like a red tailed hawk (or atleast a distant cousin depending on where you live), but I can't be sure. That is so cool to see the pair so close. I'm a huge bird nerd too...but I actually like doing it for a living :)

  3. Nice Photos of the Hawks! They are guarding your garden!

  4. i just had to google, actually it looks like a coopers hawk!

  5. Definitely Copper's Hawks!

  6. Well, from one bird nerd to another; I love this! I love it when the red tailed hawks sit in the oaks by my house and call to one another. They are probably saying, "the squirrel is over there, get him." Even though I love my squirrels and don't want them to disappear, I can't help but love the hawks too. I am SO glad you are getting to experience this in your own backyard....thanks for the pictures.

  7. How neat! And you got cool shots of them! Poor squirrels... speaking of small adorable rodents, Katelyn got a beret made out of possum hair yarn from a wool vender! Crazy!

  8. Wow, I never get that close to hawks!! Thanks for linking up!

  9. beautiful birds adn even breauty-fuller pics!


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