Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Re-purposed embroidered pillow

Silly me I forgot to take a before picture. But I have had a sack dress sitting in my cupboard that Mum made me back in high school. I didn't wear it much - because who knew a sack dress is rather sack-ish (she told me I wouldn't like it but I of course wouldn't listen) It was a copy of a dress I saw in Delia*s. And being the awesome Mum that she was she put all of the embroidery on it too-- in hindsight that is why the dress was so cool anyway!
So because of the embroidery I have held on to it meaning to re-purpose it for longer then I would like to say... I am getting old people... haha
So here it is-
Now a pillow. I put a ric rac trim around it because it's fun and seemed to fit the embroidery
I haven't decided yet what I am going to do with it/where it will go 
But it's fun to have it be a usable object after having it take up space for so long!


  1. omg it is BEAUTIFUL! seriously I love embroidery things, especially flowery patterns.. beautiful! :)

  2. That's gorgeous. It's lovely to be able to repurpose stuff. Especially if it's something with special memories attached to it.

  3. Good for you! I'm sure it made your mom happy to see that 1) you admitted she was right, and 2) you saved it because it was so special to you! That's sweet, and the pillow is beautiful!

  4. I'm so glad you saved it! I loved trying to make things you wanted and i loved that you always thought i could! I knew I used to do embroidery! Not sure why I stopped.... It looks SO much better as a pillow.

  5. it worked! the pillow is gorgeous. love the emboridery.

  6. beautiful! for some reason I can't post comments on anyones blog right now. I have to jump thourgh hoops to do it and 99% of the time that doesn't work. parrishplatz

  7. Nice! Great that something your mom made you has a new life now! I used to love getting Delias in the mail, I wish my mom was crafty enough to knock of looks for me!


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