Friday, June 1, 2012

Felt Dryer Balls - The Update

You may or may not remember the post where Jess talks about felt dryer balls.
I thought it deserved an update.
I've been using them for six months and I love them. Yes, they can sound a bit clunky in the dryer but I believe my clothes are as soft as they were with a chemical softener. 
Yes, sometimes they escape from the dryer but I'm in charge. I round them up and make them go back. If you are trying to reduce the chemicals you use, I cannot recommend these highly enough. In the photo, the middle ball has been in constant use since I started with them. It's a bit fuzzy but I think it will last a long time.
This newest set is for my youngest son and his girl. They use a community laundry, so I also made them a bag to hold the felt balls between laundry days. If you decide to try making some for yourself, tell us how you like yours and put a picture on our flickr page. We love seeing what you do too!


  1. i like updates on products! I can be guilty of getting excited over something but then a month later talk to me and I hate the item. Of course after I've already recommended the item to propel. SO yay! they work and they hold up. I love love love them.


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