Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitchen Aid Cover revisited

WOW who knew how little happens with two kids? Well probably all of you! I have been working on finishing one project since Isabella was born... ridiculous!!!.... of course when I finish it you will see why it's taken me so long... my days consist of making the kids happy and trying to keep my house clean. FUN. 
Good thing they're so cute! Here's the required baby pictures. I've got to take some more pictures of this child, other then snapshots I haven't taken any since the last ones I showed you. She is now somewhere between 10-11 pounds, serious chunk. 
 Micah truly seems to just love her (hoping this continues) he chose to play with a doll the other day and was so proud to feed it, burp it, pat it and show it off to people (lets not forget the obligatory pulling on its he gets a little upset when someone holds her that he doesn't think should be. And always makes sure we don't forget her when were leaving.
 Hand-knit goodness from her Auntie seriously gorgeous.
So here is a pre-Isabella custom order that never got blogged....

In a country/chicken theme. 
 It was made for a Artisan Mixer- which is why it's looking a bit short while being modeled by mine.
I don't know if you can see but the black hexies are actually a chicken wire fabric. 


  1. Gorgeous photos! Doesn't she look like Micah?! I love that chicken wire fabric. I've been wanting a kitchen aid cover ever since I saw the one you made with Hope Valley. Of course I would kind of need the kitchen aid to go under it too...although I could maybe cunningly stash all the chocolate under one ;-)

  2. She looks darling in the sweater. Micah is so cute with the doll, he is so focused. What a great, big brother he is.

    Love the mixer cover, that is a very fun one.

  3. love that sweater and that Micah loves his baby:)


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