Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have had the pleasure of working on two different invitations recently. This first one was SO fun to get a chance to do. I was contacted by a German company that saw Micah's invites and asked to create their invitations for a conference that will be held this year in Munich. 
These first two pictures are of the card part of the invite. The company graphics are their images I just arranged them into the card. 

 of course all the important information is removed. 
The fun part of the invite though is the insert-- 

 Man do I wish I were invited to this conference!! 

But for a party I was invited to (because I helped throw it... haha) 
Don't worry I changed all the important info on this invite! We kept the invite simple and preppy- I really like the way it turned out. This is actually a post Isabella project so it was done in my very limited free time! 

 I thought the shower went extremely well. The food was DELICIOUS... even if I do say so myself. I will have to get a hold of a few of the recipes and share them with you. Just in case you need party finger food that is amazing. 
Showers are so much fun. It also helps when you are throwing them with awesome people!


  1. Great invites. Even though I work for a company that installs solar I doubt that kind of invite would ever come my way. Love that last shot with the party food. Looks yummy!

  2. How awesome that you got a commission from a German company!!! that is so cool! The invites look great too!

  3. Good for you Jessie, I have every confidence in you that you will be a very successful designer, can't wait to see what you do next!

  4. How cool is that?! You're moving up in the world. :) Both invitations look great, congratulations!

  5. like Kelly said, aweseom!! A german company?? how cool. it's huge they contacted you so congratulations!!! Now that I'm deeper in Bavaria all I see when I go into german stores is Bavarian blue and white checked stuff (more so that when in schweinfurt).


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