Friday, June 22, 2012

Moroccan Pouf

I finally completed my last project for Isabella's room (not that I am actually done in here but when am I ever done anywhere?!) I wanted a foot stool and instead of acting like a normal person and finding one to buy I decided to make one. It's in the style of Amy Butlers gumdrop pillow (or what non-crafters would call a Moroccan pouf) but not in anyway the dimensions of it. It slightly larger then I bargained for at over 24" in width and height. I actually modified the pattern pieces from this BHG tutorial

 I really like the way it turned out. Though as you will see soon this whole room is kind of outside my normal decorating comfort zone. I really wanted this space to be fun and bright and colorful... I think I achieved that.  And when you start with something like my peacock quilt it can get busy fast! 
 So inspiration for this craziness? Well it all started when Mom and I were walking through West Elm and saw these really awesome one of a kind throws that were hand quilted and created from large pieces of fabric - which I now can't find online argh! But I've seen the style there and at Ballard designs. Beautiful stuff. So I wanted to do the same style on the pouf. I used shot cotton (from purl soho and a local store) and made all of my side pieces then I spent the next month and a half (blech!) adding my favorite detail to it, I think it's called pick stitching? Anyway it doesn't actually take that long to do this stitching it's just that the pouf is SO large and to get the look I wanted the stitching so SMALL! Each row is a 1/4" or less apart. So yes I am very excited that this project is complete.  
Full room details coming shortly... finally!


  1. This looks amazing. Love all the stitchy detail. It looks like something you'd pay a fortune for in a high end store.

  2. Wow!! That's amazing! I really like the look anyway, but the stitching just bumps it up to WOW!! :)

  3. So what pattern is it or how did you do it? And did you sew it together then the hand stitching then fluff added? it's absolutely gorgeous! Just perfect!


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