Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everyday Bag

The last time we were in California I borrowed and then kept a tote bag that Ubers Mom had. It was a free with purchase deal from Elizabeth Arden. It was the perfect size for loading up when we needed more then would fit in the diaper bag (which is almost always). It was bright and cheerful, I received a lot of compliments on it (what does that say about me?! I only get compliments on free things I stole from other people?! Never mind don't bother answering that....lol....)
Well it finally bit the dust... So I cut it apart and made myself a new one just like it... only boring... 

But that is ok because even though the red one made me happy I absolutely adore this version.

I added leather detailing.
And hid the awesome cheerful fabric inside just for me. 
I love seeing it hanging in my entry way. And bonus it is even more comfortable then the original.


  1. It looks great and making it more neutral means it's going to co-ordinate so well with whatever else you're wearing!

  2. I like the new one much better! Sooo cute. the fabric is perfectly neutral but not boring. Is that inside fabric from Ikea from when your mom lived here? Looks familiar.....:) The leather detailing is perfect as is the handle. Love it!

    1. Yes it is ikea it's been sitting in my fabric stash for about 4-5 years love it and could never find a good project for it!

  3. I agree with Jennifer. I like it better. What a great job of putting that together and with the touches of leather it looks so professional. I am, again, impressed with what you do. Love it.

  4. Great job!!! I LOVE the leather details, especially folded around the handle. It looks professional!


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