Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tour { Jessica's House }

*oops! forgot to post this!*
We just thought it would be fun to give you a Christmas tour of our houses... mine isn't much different from last year but I tried to tweak everything just a little to make it fun and fresh

The biggest change was the ribbon. I went to Michaels in search of the ribbon I bought last year, I just needed a little bit more. Wouldn't you know I actually found it... but I also found this beautiful glitter ribbon. And since it was on sale and the stuff I bought last year wasn't I decided it was be meant to be! 
This stuff is gorgeous, it sparkles like crazy. 
I redecorated my chalkboard wall. There was a slight issue with the chalkboard pens... apparently if you leave them on the wall for over a year they don't wash off... which is why I keep redecorating the same trees, it's not a big deal- it's actually kind of fun- I just wish I had done a better job drawing them!!
We have a cousin (2nd?... not sure) that knits everyone stockings.  Mine went missing sometime after I moved out... I've been searching for it for 7 years (seriously I know that it is SOMEWHERE!!) so I finally broke down and asked and she was kind enough to make and ship me a replacement in less then a week. Which is unbelievable awesome and kind of her. I am no longer the lone stocking-less person in the family (boy does that sound akward).

And just to source a few things- because I always want to know when I see things on blogs
The garland and wreath are from Ballard Designs and is super realistic looking I want more!
The snowflake lights are Smith and Hawkin from Target - a few years back. 
The glitter pine cones are from Crate and Barrel - this year. 
The LED lights on the wreath are from Target - this year
My felt garland from last year was relocated from last year- I think I like it here better!
And my favorite the tree. Which is from Costco and I LOVE it. And yes I decorated it with all the same ornaments as usual we just put the less breakable ones at the bottom. Micah has been doing pretty well with the don't touch command- not that he is perfect or anything!
And since I never send out Christmas cards.... Here's a family shot for everyone!


  1. Being stockingless is better than being....say.... pantsless!

    Love your house!

  2. Every thing looks beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. Only one complaint.......not enough pictures, just one picture with 'the boy' is not enough for me. *whine-whine*

  3. Loving your festive decor and gorgeous shot of you all at the end! Merry Christmas!

  4. Oooh shiny!! :) Fun to see all your boxes wrapped in brown paper - cuz that's how I wrapped this year too! :)

  5. Everything looks so pretty. Where is the "scary Owl" that wards off the little munchkin, Micah??? LOL Cindy

  6. Love it. Looks beautiful. And love the picture of you three.


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