Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I enjoyed Micah's birthday mobile so much that I ended up switching it up for a Halloween one. It only took a whole month to get a picture of it! 

We dressed the kids up on Saturday to get pictures of them. If one child is hard to photograph two is nearly impossible! Ever since seeing this video on youtube I knew I wanted to dress them up as bear cubs.

 Micah's outfit was re-purposed from a sleep sack Mum made him after he was born, it was WAY too large (obviously) I redid it into a pants suit and added the hood with ears. I also made Isabella's pants and both of their shoes. Lets just say this is a good example of why I don't sew clothing.
 Also I think Micah grew since I made his outfit last month. But I am still happy with them since they are just costumes! Isabella was a little irritated about the whole thing. Micah on the other hand seemed to really enjoy tromping around in it. And doing anything but sit still.

Hope you all have a good holiday!


  1. The cutest little bears I've ever seen. love the looks on Isabella's face! Micah is such a little ham. The costumes are amazing!!!!!! Nothing wrong with your sewing.

  2. Isabella does look a bit miffed! So above all this picture taking!! I looooooooooove the bear suits! Love them! They look adorable and so comfy. Love the stump in the photo shoot.

  3. sweet niblets! the cuteness from this post will keep me going all day. the mobile? awesome! those kids?? to stinkin' cute! the stump?? shut up! I want one! :)

  4. Aw! Your bear cubs are cuter. Just sayin. ;) Great pic with Brinkley too! Adorable!

  5. Those are just about the cutest things I've ever seen. Bella does look a little put out with you though. AND there is definitely nothing wrong with your sewing.

  6. Oh my, I love them so much it hurts! The outfits are amazing!


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