Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A mothers day gift

I realized at the the beginning of this year that I am a terrible daughter in law! I hadn't made my mother in law a quilt... I knew she would like one because one of the first things we ever did together was go to an Amish quilt fair. 

When I came across Tula Pink's Acacia line, I just knew it was the fabric I had to use. It has hummingbirds which is her favorite. 

Bella is performing her normal quality control checks. No quilt leaves our house without her approval.


  1. Ooh lovely! Did you plan out the placement of the stars ahead of time, or do you make the HST and then match up prints? I love the label on the back! Really cool to embroider real signatures!

    1. Definitely planned! Not well enough but planned-lop

  2. this is so pretty! I love the label:)

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! She will adore it. Love the fabric, colors, pattern, all of it. Great job. Oh, and the girl!

  4. That is so special. Your label is just beautiful. And the girl is funny as usual.


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