Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sherrill's Quilt Tag

So originally Sherrill's quilt tag was a pillowcase. Then once I finished I realized there was a massive flaw on the back ... So it became her quilt tag. Which will probably get more use then it every would have as a pillow case... 
Micah wanted to help me so he actually did quite a few stitches for me on the wording. He's not bad at it... I think he enjoyed the fact that he was stabbing something. 


  1. Cool way to fix a booboo! :) And how fun that Micah wanted to help!

  2. Bless - never to young to start them off stitching!

  3. I would think it would be Bella wishing to stab things:) Its a really cool tag that I'm sure she will love. Awesome idea.


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