Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Wreath and Garland

Last year I got back on my kick of making decorations for all the holidays (which had totally gone to pot since moving again and not decorating for a single holiday yet this year... must get out halloween decorations.... ) We don't  really celebrate all the holidays because I just never seem to find the time for that. BUT decorating for them and adding fun bright temporary decorations to the house is totally something I can get behind. 

My fall section is severely lacking (as in I have NONE) so I finally came across this idea for a wreath and liked it enough to run with it with a bunch of changes. LIKE for one I am not going to knit a bunch of yarn into sheets and then felt them as the instructions said (I am all for crazy but what is Lion Brand smoking?!?) Instead I spent a ridiculous amount of time cutting out leaves from wool felt and then I washed them all to get the texture. Then I wrapped metal wire in yarn (see that is stupid crazy) and sewed the metal on to each individual leaf. Then I also made felt pinecones and berries... because it seemed reasonable (ahem) - there's more pictures below with progress shots
I also finally got around to making an acorn garland. I gathered the large acorns caps on the trip we took to Tennessee 3 years ago. I used Dad's drill press to put 2 holes in the top of each cap and then strung them on copper colored leather. It was a super fun project except that I really never want to felt tiny balls again... and I currently have a project in mind that would require me doing more of that.... 

Just so you know there are in fact a bazillion leaves on this wreath. And it definitely falls into the things I am so glad I made and never want to make again category!


  1. Your wreath looks lovely but I don't think I could put in all that effort!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!! That is super fantastic!! The things you make out of felt are always stunning!

  3. it looks so cute and nice, I also thinking that wouldn't be able to finish it :) Fantastic Job!!! Liuba x


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