Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We have ALOT of exciting things happening here in the next few months - It does NOT involve a baby but it DOES involve relocating. GOOD news for us and GREAT news for you guys too--- BECAUSE we are going to run a SALE in the shop and our hope is to clear the inventory so we don't have to move it. 
That's right, our shop is going on long term vacation/will we ever find time to reopen it status. 
SO if there is anything you've been eyeing (and lets not forget Christmas is almost here!!) Now's the time to buy it because you likely won't get the chance again. 
There is a lot of good stuff! 
Use coupon code 

for 20% off your entire purchase.

Thanks everyone for your support and please feel free to help us out and share the sale with your friends! 
P.S. We plan to still be around here on the blog this is just a shop announcement. 
Fine print
PDF patterns will remain in the shop even when we pull all of the other inventory. BUT if you buy them now the 20% coupon will work on them. 
You can NOT use the coupon on custom orders.

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