Saturday, November 15, 2008

52 hour work week = no blogging

I have been SO ridiculously bust it's not even funny! Some how I am still managing to get my crafting done but since you can't see any of it quite yet I am going to show you something old.

I helped host a shower back in May and the Mom-to-be requested that I do the invites she wanted a brown and pink shower so of course I obliged... I like to not use envelopes if I dont have to.

This is it open
Now for the gift.... This is about the time I started experimenting with stenciling so I did up some Gerber onesies (organic and SO soft!) and added blanket stitching along the neck line.

Also made some bibs. Which I wasn't incredibly happy with...

And then I needed to wrap it so I embroidered a organizer (purchased at Michaels). The babies room was going to be a butterfly theme so I made up this pattern.

this was my first time embroidering (since I was probably 10) and I had no idea of the time that this would take. I think I spent two weeks straight on it, probably about 50ish hours...

New stuff is coming....


  1. WOW! You must really like that person!!!! Those are incredible gifts!!!

  2. I LOVE these! The emrboidery is perfect. like from a store perfect! What is the sydnee banner made from?

  3. LOVE your stuff! I owe you for both of the growth charts! I gave one to Jon and Steph for Luke.....

  4. Kelly- Actually I don't really know the person that well... I honestly don't even know if she even used any of the gift... I hope she did though...
    Jennifer - The fabric on the banner is just from Joanns I have no idea who makes it or anything. I REALLY like to embroidery I just haven't figured out what I really want that embroidery would work on ... it's definitely too time consuming to sell. I guess I just need to have kids!
    Mum - Keep it and when ever you get a chance get me more silverware... and another coffee spoon (maybe two) they seem to be the only casualties around here....ahem...and I don't pay me for the one you gave to Beaus friend that would be ridiculous.


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