Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sorry I was napping...

I seem to be getting pretty good at the absence thing… my bad. I am actually really busy I just still cant show you anything. Isn't that frustrating? I hate reading that on other peoples blogs I always think well then why even talk about it! Well I guess it is because we want you to know we aren't sitting around letting our fingers get fat. I really WANT to show you this stuff though… which is making it all very hard.

Alright so anyway I did complete a pillow this weekend out of some tapestry fabric- I love this stuff. It's ridiculously priced for being from Joanns ($40/yard) so I only get it when I see a remnant… It's really not much just a comfortable throw pillow. I made it to fit a standard pillowcase because all the lumbar pillows are such retarded sizes and I didn't want to waste any of the fabric. I would just like to say that putting the zipper in was a royal pain in the butt…I am wishing the pillow was thicker the weight of the fabric seems to of squished it…(it seemed very poofy when I bought it!!!) I may have to buy a different one… This is the matching throw as well I did this sometime last year. Its just a 2 yard piece of the fabric and I added a border of micro-suede. I love that it is thin fabric but very heavy. perfect for a nap on the couch!
Whoa to the lateness that I am showing you here. I meant to post this ... well on the 31st. I made a bunch of these goody bags for Ubers coworkers. I cant wait until next year though because I found some really neat cookie cutters on sale at williams-sonoma that I cant wait to use... now I just have to remember I have them in a year!!

I will try to be here more often this week. Matt is not back in school : ( his class got canceled (GRRR) anyway he is currently in the garage ripping apart the ceiling to put in better lighting. This is a project of his own doing (I didn't assign it) and I think he is planning on getting it all nice for me! I will have to try to remember to take a kinda before picture... since he has already sawed into the ceiling!! I am so bad at getting those. Anyway I continue to be amazed by our builders ingenuity with wiring the house....
Moving on... I am so glad the election is basically over... though I really have nothing more to say about it all then that.
Alright I am off to bed...


  1. That's funny, about making statements about absence from your blog. I've had some good blogs and bad ones. I tried to start one where I would review coffee houses around Western Washington, but I stopped after the first one, because we stopped going out to coffee houses! hahaha
    ~John D.

  2. Love the pillow!

    Wondering if I'll get baking done this year.....

  3. Beautiful pillow, cool cookies. I like the kitty cat ones. ^_^


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