Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pillow Love

I can finally show you what I have been working!! It has been SO hard to not show you all!

They're early Christmas presents since I am seeing everyone for Thanksgiving. Of course I wanted to see people open their gifts so I made them open them early!

This is a design I am absolutely THRILLED about! I love love LOVE IT! I had to come up with something new and extra special because my aunt already has two of my pillowcases. It took me a while to figure it out and get it all drawn up but I think it turned out well! I am tempted to list everything I love about the design but it would be ridiculous because it would be everything....all right--- but the EGGS... and the BIRDS...FLYING!!!

Cardinals for the Grandma (by request) I am really enjoying the flying birds! Can you tell? It's a new theme... I love doing cardinals and blue jays... their head and chest feathers are scrumptious! Hopefully it is the perfect blue ribbon!

For my cousin I went with a butterfly (since she is apparently VERY fond of them) This one took me a while to put together ... and to keep symetrical!!! But I am thrilled with it. Though it will probably be the only one ... ever... hahaha

Ubers mom loves hummingbirds. I had alot of fun with this one I love the feeder and the tiny bird sitting on the branch he looks like he is hiding!

See I have been productive!! There is more to show you - check back later! I am having a great time on the trip.
And just to let you in on a little fun going on somewhere else. My Mum just had her 100th post and she is giving away something TOTALLY adorable - Check it out!!!


  1. Oh my goodness you are so awesome!!!! If someone happens to not like theirs (fat chance) I'll take it! Love you too!

  2. (Thats a BIG fat chance, daughter dear!!!) Just to let those of you who have not yet seen these pillows Jess makes...they are amazing. I love my cardinals, can you see the little feet?!?! It looks perfect in my guest room and the blue ribbon is the 'perfect blue'. I love love love it.. Jess you are SO an artist..I think you should send Martha a picture, she would so have you on her program.......

  3. I'm in awe!!!!! WOW!!! I love how you added the applique to the top one. Wow.... they are just really amazing.

  4. I just realized I never commented on these! They are sooooooooo beautiful! really truly stunning. I'm in awe:) I agree that Martha should be informed about these pillows. It's so something she would do a show on. Good job!


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