Friday, November 7, 2008


I cut my hair off... YEAH! I like it!! I think she took about 5 inches off the bottom... I should of done a before picture but ...well... it was BAD!!! I am feeling much better now!

Here is Uber's project I am lame at the before pictures... I am sure I have one ...somewhere... anyway the light up there was all the was in our garage... yuck!

Now it looks like this... isn't that better!!

Please disregard all back grounds of the photos and focus on only what I am talking about... thank you!


  1. Oh Jess your garage is so organized! Yuck. How can you live that way???

    You know I am just kidding. Good job Matt! Nicely done!

    Your hair looks great. That's exactly what I want and it is not quite there.

  2. you look soooo cute!!Very swingy, very healthy looking!

  3. I like the hair! It's very similar to my new cut, and your mom's new cut, and Jenny P's new cut ... and Adrienne's new cut ... ... and Katelyn's new cut ... ... ... I'm detecting a trend. Could it be that we all have such STUPENDOUS taste?!? Haha! Actually, mine isn't as nice as yours. Mine's a little too choppy. Ok, garage is cool! Sorry to be so wordy today!

  4. Love your hair. Can't wait to see it in person. Tell Matt, good job!!!! I wish my garage looked that tidy....

  5. Wait my garage ISNT tidy that is the NEXT projet i was just showing you matt's light project... lol


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