Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Weinachtsmarkt fun

This is for those of you who can't be here this year. Hope you see some favorite things and maybe some new sights.

We started at the Esslingen middle ages market. I love this place!

Look at their shoes....

Next year's costume??

Not taking Evie here. Yes, it is cat.

I made my youngest a costume like this one year. He hated it.....

Stuttgart in the evening.

Ski pigs??? Specifically girl pigs??? What's that about?

Fish on a stick. LOVE IT! K, didn't love it 13 years ago but I was young and dumb then.....

Now that's a copper pot!


  1. tears....streaming.... I miss those places, and you posted my two absolute favorites! Have a fabulous winter season! :) So much to enjoy!

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I WANT TO DO ALL OF THAT!!! I need another gargoyle (I think I am spelling that wrong....) LOVE YOU

  3. So glad you both enjoyed it. Glad I got your favs Sasha.... You spelled it right Jess, which gargoyle? Don't know if I can make it back out but....

  4. those shoes! I can't beleive people actually wore (wear) wooden clogs! whole fish one a stick? what? how do you eat it?

  5. Fun fun! I still haven't ever gone to Esslingen. GOT to get there!!!

  6. pouting-pouting-pouting, brings back wonderful memories. What great pictures. I like the smiley dragon that is looking up. He is cute. Love the costumes, that one dress just looks like it is made for you! The fur with the faces?!?not so much....the little lit houses, love it! The pic's of the buildings....Thanks so much for letting us see it through your eyes......

  7. Oh, how I envy you! Christmas is probably the one time of the year that I REALLY, REALLY miss of Germany! Thank you for the fish on a stick! Love you for that! Although, I am having to quickly wipe the drool and slobber off the key board..... Gosh I miss you guys and Christmas in Germany!!!! Salina Kansas has nothing on Stuttgart! =-)

  8. Yeah, Jennifer, they wear those things all over and if you look at the pic of the lead artist his are really funky. I won't tell you to try the fish.... ha ha... I eat it with my fingers....

    Go Kelly! You have the rest of the weekend...

    You're welcome Mom, so glad you enjoyed the pics. The gargoyles are very small and cute. No one made any comment on the cat skin, not even you!!!

    Joan, we needed your help! It was hard to eat it before it got cold. If we were all here we could have got one at a time and kept going back for more!! Miss you too!

  9. I was trying to avoid the cat issue, if I pretend it is not there, it won't be.............

  10. Oh my, christmas there is just so wonderfully perfectly perfect, the fish, the lights, the everything, hmmm, enjoy it for me.

  11. Which ever guy you thought was the COOLEST of course.... I cant choose!


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