Monday, September 28, 2009

Lucky Number.........

13 - Mary!
Gotta love
No, it wasn't too late. Of course this may have reinforced your tendency to comment on my blog at the last minute. Remember, I need immediate, positive attention when I post!
Love ya! Buh bye.


  1. I my gosh, I never win anything! SCORE!!!!!!! DANKE!

  2. yay mary! Corinnea: what's up with your ticker on the side bar? "15 days since I hope sherie is better?" that made me laugh:) Or does it make sense?

  3. Congrats, Mary! Enjoy it. :)

    I am also confused by the side bar, but it also made me laugh.

  4. You're welcome Mary!

    My sis loves the snail and didn't want me to take off, since she wasn't coming after all I changed it to hoping she's feeling better! I guess I can put it onto the count down for until she gets here again.....


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