Monday, September 14, 2009

It started to rain

Just as I finished Jessica's quilt, I took it outside to try and get a decent photo. It was raining. I tried anyway. I had to put it on the ground in front of my apartment and run back inside, stand on a stool on my little balcony to be able to get the whole quilt in. One day I will have a wall to hang quilts on when I photograph them. That would be nice. There are things that didn't go quite the way I wanted. I still like it alot. I learned that I cannot talk on the phone and cut a quilt top at the same time. That was a hard lesson.
Hope you like it Jess.


  1. It looks SO AWESOME!!! It totally came together great! And don't tell me what you aren't happy with I dont want to know!! Its gorgeous I can't wait to put it on my bed! love you!

  2. It's GORGEOUS!! Really beautiful. That black frames it up nicely:) feww, finally done:)I know how that feels!

  3. It turned out great! I'm with Jessica: if you don't tell us what's "wrong" with it, no one will ever notice or know! I love that you make your quilt backs interesting, instead of just one solid piece/color.

  4. THis is awesome! THink this is some of my most fav fabric ever, and your skills are amazing, love it!

  5. It turned out perfect....I love these colors and patterns. Another perfect project performed!! We can call these PPP for short.............Now, can we talk about the coffee quit???? Sorry, nagging here........


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