Monday, September 7, 2009

It started back on Wednesday

I was finally able to get my race car quilt bound. I like how it turned out. I pieced the back pretty randomly. All I need to do is add my tag.
I made two tassels for my new cabinet.
They aren't very good, but they kept me occupied for about three hours on my sick day....

I started sewing Friday night and pretty much didn't stop all weekend. I took time out to cook for the guys but other than that I was working on projects.
Speical order for Jennifer. Oh, except for the tape measure one. She just ordered me to do that one.
Sherie's apron. You know who said he'd take the picture as long as Brinkley could be in it.
I made it reversible, because it's fun. Thanks Jennifer for pointing out that the Chambray was a perfect match!
Since I was on a roll, I made this baby sized quilt top and back with Kaffe Fasset charm squares. I think I love it.

Yep, pretty sure I do.
I also finally got the back together for Jessica's quilt. I hope to get both of these on the machine and quilted soon!!


  1. Cool stuff! The tassels are very interesting. Not something I would ever think to make myself! Those aprons are really cool and the quilts are fun too! So no biking in the Bodensee? Or did you do all that and the trip?

  2. wow! productive weekend! I love everything. BUT that quilt is soooooooo awesome!!! I have to see it in person!

  3. I hope a certain someone doesn't look at your blog and see the special order...I'm just saying. That being said...I LOVE THEM!! and the tape measure one is sooo cute! I'm genius:) You are too, of course..

    Love the quilts! And I love that you got so much done. I bet you were loving it:)

  4. I'm glad you are back into making the tassels, good the apron, guilts, (the little boy will ove his quilt), and the clever clasp-holder were very productive and not feeling great?!?!

  5. boy, I sure messed up with the spelling on that comment didn't I.....

  6. Love it - you were busy!!! The quilts look great need to get on the computer and see them bigger. Btw did you ever mail that box? Just wondering.... Love ya

  7. I get a apron!!!! LOVE the fabric, hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!!! And the quilts are so good, love the white one, and of course brinkley as always is so handsome, you get sooo much done!

  8. The tassels are great, I didn't know you could make them! I don't know what you're talking about, "they aren't very good", I think they're lovely. Much of the awesomeness!

  9. Oh for goodness sakes! Can anyone say "overachiever"?!!! ;-) The quilt is fabulous and the apron is awesomely cute! Now I'll have to go to the fabric shop and see if I can find those fabrics. I may finally try to make it over to Louiseville to their quilt shop there! Or... perhaps I'll try to finish the patch work quilt that I put together years ago and never did anything else with....
    And I must say, those key fob things are soooo cute! Do you have a pattern for it? Or just came up with it with your ol' craftyl self?

  10. Thanks all for the nice words!! I am almost done quilting the little quilt. It is pretty silly but I like it anyway.
    Mom I make guilts a lot too so I didn't even see the typo.
    I don't actually make tassels. I TRY to make tassels. There is a shop in Venice, now THEY make tassels....
    Sher, you will look better in the apron cause it is YOUR apron.... you can even borrow Brinkley.
    Joan, pick out some fabric and I will make you an apron! I did feel rather over achieverish, so I didn't show you all the other quilt I started.....

  11. Wow what a fun weekend. You have to teach me how to do the tassels, looks like fun. The car quilt is adorable and the apron looks stunning on you, it accentuates your curves. Now I know why you hubby liked it so much. Got to make me one.


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