Sunday, September 13, 2009

back... finally

So I kind of disappeared for a while oops! I know it's a little late but I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Uber and I went down to Orlando for some shopping... nothing eventful.... actually I had a rather long shopping list for the trip and almost every store we hit had nothing I needed in stock...bummer... I will show you the one thing I did manage to get soon though. Then I proceeded to be sick all week long. Lovely huh? WELL Thursday I finally got busy again and I have quite a few projects going on now.
I managed to complete the invites for an upcoming baby shower. Which is being held at my house so you will likely be seeing more on it!

The mom to be is doing a butterfly/flower theme in the nursery and her colors are blue, yellow and brown with pops of red.
I had a lot of fun putting these together. I especially liked the different choices in color. No pink! In fact I am sure the blue envelopes will throw plenty of people off.

I printed the seals on mailing labels and punched them out.
I snuck in a little advertising on the back of the invites... whoot!
One small rant though.
***stop reading here if you aren't in the mood to hear me whine!!!***
I just have to put this out there. Joannes is evil. I dislike that store so completely and I spend so much money there it angers me. I hate supporting such a terrible organization. They have terrible customer services and EVERY single time I really need something they are out of it and have no idea when it might be in and won't notify you when they do get it. But they will tell me that a store an hour away has x number in stock if I want to drive there and get it. If you are a super store supplying thousands (literally) of people why would you only order out of stock cardstock twenty sheets at a time or carry only 6 packs of each envelope you stock? ARGH! Ok I am done now because I could go one for hours. In case you are wondering I found envelopes at Target of all places. For cheaper and plenty in stock. I love Target... and costco... well costco is a love hate thing... emphasis on love though. We were doing our weekly shopping on Saturday and they were trying to sell us on an upgraded membership with cash back incentives. They do this by showing you how much you spent in their store the previous year... I had asked them to never show me that amount again... lol
**end of ranting**
My favorite part of invites though is seeing them done and out the door... it's always a relief!


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick but glad your better. The invites & stickers are so elegant. I'm sure it's going to be a really nice shower and I'm looking forward to watching it progress.

  2. The invites are gorgeous! You are so talented. :)

    You should go to the store manager and complain at Joanne's. If he/she gives you the run around, ask to speak to his/her boss. Go online and register a complaint. If you have friends who are also dissatisfied, get them to complain too. If they hear it enough, they might make some improvements.

  3. The invites are great! I really really love that they aren't all babyish... Or I could put it as Tracy Suzanne did, they are elegant.

    I understand the rant.... I also understand ordering and availability..... So glad you found them elsewhere and for less!

  4. Good job Jessica, I can see into the future a very busy, young lady, with a full-time business of her own....can I be your office organizer? Make coffee, clean, yada yada yada..............

  5. These invite are really beautiful, I see wedding invitations in your future, just adore what you do, and rant on, I am totally with you on that one!

  6. How delightfully elegant the invites are.

    Sheesh, that didn't EVEN sound like me. Let me try this again... How totally fabulous! ;-) You've got loads of talent and tons of fans! Keep up the fab work!

    Ha! That's more like it! ;)

  7. These are gorgeous! I love all the matching and the colors! Really good job.


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