Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Travel Log and Cute Overload.......

Or, there's something for everyone in this post, so keep reading, or if you don't like reading just look at the pictures.


Esslingen Burg.

You know who got me up and out of the house on Sunday afternoon. We went for a drive around Stuttgart, stopping in at a couple of favorite towns. Esslingen was first, if you haven't been, at least go during the Weinacht's Market. Their Medieval section is fantastic. Rathaus.

Love the painting.

I want this door knob.

Our second stop was Waiblingen. This door was small. Smaller than me.

The wall around the city, I wonder how it's still standing.

Market house where we happened onto a car rally. We should have just drove our 450 on up into the square.

The only thing we were missing was one of these yellow tags.

While you know who contemplated the possibility of showing our car at one of these rallys, I took the opportunity to do this.

Reflections can be fun.

My first car was a Plymouth Belvedere. This was not it. I kinda wish it had been. Sorry Mom, just sayin.

This was more like what my car looked like. Mine was blue. The lacquer flaked off the top when I drove anywhere. People called it the dandruff car. I was lucky to have that car. Have you gone to the Mercedes Museum?

Now for cute.
I started this bag Friday night. It's the Frenchy Bag by Amy Butler. I used Natural Effects by Michelle D'Amore for Marcus fabrics. We just got this line in the shop and I love it.

I decided to add a small bag and key fob. You can hook the key fob onto the bag and make it a wristlet. There's also a ring inside to latch it onto so you don't lose your keys at the bottom. I had enough fabric left over to make the handbag version. Including all the same accoutrements.

The stiped fabric is fun.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. what great travel fun. i love the reflections picture in the mercedes. i had to show chris. travel and sewing, what a good weekend!

  2. the doorknob, the door, the painting, love it, love your pics, and the bag, just wayyy too darling, fabric is great, of course, it has circles.... is this for the shop or are we thinking gift? Just wondering.....

  3. What a fun weekend! Love the bag Im with sherie the circle fabric is great!

  4. Oh wow everything is lovely. Makes me really miss it! That fabric!!! Oh my, oh my...

  5. Busy girl! You take the best pictures I swear. And I'm loving the bags, super cute!

  6. I need to take a breather..I just posted a comment, a long one and it got errased:( Ok, so I love the reflections photos! Brilliant! And the bag is GORGEOUS!!!!! Really good job on the photos and bag:) Bravo and thanks for coming. ok bye bye:)Not making fun of you, you just remined me of a Japanese resturaunt I used to frequent.---must bring bag in for show and tell!!

  7. Cool photos! I like the reflections on the cars. Cool bags too. One day I'll sew again...

  8. You were busy having fun this weekend... Love the photos and the bag is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.:) Great fabric choice .....

  9. great photos... reflections are fun! darling towns and seriously cute bag... the fabric is so cute!


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