Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby MAC's Quilt

I finished this up Friday afternoon and I am SOOOO happy to have it completed!
Linen and shirting fabric make up the patchwork on the front
The back is baby wale corduroy in brown with blue polka-dots, so soft and yummy!
The 3 Sea Turtles are appliqued and then hand embroidered.
The quilting is just two alternating blue heavy duty embroidery floss running stitches spaced about an inch apart. I love the look this gives the quilt.

I had SO much fun making up the design (not the quilt pattern or anything I know that's been done...haha) and putting the quilt together. Though I definitely wont be doing another one for a while!
The Nursery isn't going to be turtle themed though. Hopefully I will be showing you more of that project soon! Meanwhile you get bits and pieces!


  1. That looks awesome! The turtles area amazing and I love the blue quilting! So cool!

  2. This is fantastic! I LOVE the turtles, you did an amazing job with them. Baby MAC is a lucky little boy. ^_^

  3. Everything about it is perfect!

    So you're collecting sea turtles now??? I'm gonna get you lots of sea turtles...... I think I saw this life size sea turtle wall hanging the other day... where was that at......

  4. Wow, that came out soooo cute! Love the turtles!

  5. I was thinking about doing an applique sea turtle on a quilt that will be using the Mendocino range and mentioned this on my blog so your mum sent me over to admire this quilt you made! It's fabulous!

    (I'd already spotted your wonderful peacock one over on flickr!)


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