Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank you's

I have been all about trying new things lately!

My mum brought me a speed ball stamp carving kit last summer and I never got around to trying it out because I couldn't for the life of me make a decision on what to carve... ridiculous right? I mean it's not like I couldn't just buy more plastic (or whatever) to carve!

So when I got back from California and was trying to decide exactly how I wanted to do my thank you notes for the shower I decided to try making a stamp. It is SO MUCH FUN! I let Uber choose the animal I didn't try and make one up or anything I just had a bunch of graphics from the Internet and he chose the Walrus - which I love! Under it I put the babies initials MAC, though we still haven't picked a definite name for the baby we do know we will be sticking with Ubers initials. So hopefully this stamp will continue to be useful in the future!
I don't usually use stamps so after much indecision (yes I have a lot of this) I chose a chalk blue ink... I expected it to show up much darker
It actually is much more visible in person but for what ever reason I can not get it to photograph without disappearing into the back ground. Bummer... I'll just have to buy more colors!!

I am totally and completely in love with the stamp though. I can't wait to think up more things to carve!
Hopefully it won't take me a year this time!


  1. Oh no now all I can think of is baby Mac.... ha ha Love the stamp. Knew when you finally decided it would be good!

  2. Wow, so your first carving was a walrus!? You are amazing! It looks really cool!

  3. You are seriously talented! That walrus is really cool! Is the baby going to be a Jr.? Or is he just going to have the same initials as his daddy? I'm curious because Airan and Andrea want to keep the initials the same. Although, only the first name will be different, the middle and last will be the same as Allen & Airan's.

  4. Yes my first carving was the walrus... but still not my design or anything it was someone elses image.
    He wont be a junior just have the same initials and niether name will be a repeat of Matt's.


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