Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Out of My Comfort Zone

I havn't sewn pants for myself in forever. I kept telling myself that it's because I don't like sewing pants. You tell yourself something enough, you believe it. Right? After joining Summer Essentials Sewing on flickr, I was re-evaluating what I sew for myself and thinking I need to be smarter about it. I made these shorts last week and everyone at work was really kind in saying they looked great. I had Jennifer try and photograph me in them on Saturday and when every photo showed me fidgety and uncomfortable that's when it really hit me, I don't like to focus on that part of me!!  

So there you have it, more info than you ever wanted into how my mind works. Then I tortured said pretty please to you know who and made him take more pictures. This time I tried to relax.....  

Anyway, these came into being after seeing them on another sew-along member Gelbean. They looked so cute and I thought maybe I'll have to get that pattern. After looking it up and realizing I have that pattern I knew I had to try.
I used quilter's tweed by Robert Kaufman. It sews very nicely.
They have a side zip but no pockets. When/if I make them again, that is something I will change. I like pockets. Don't I look relaxed in this next photo? Who wouldn't relax in this beatiful little rose garden by the lake, with lots of people walking by, while trying not to fuss at your husband, who actually finds joy in you fussing at him.
A favorite spot in downtown Stuttgart. I'm afraid I'm getting all nostalgic lately.
A bit more into my psyche, I loathe these street performers. I do not think painting yourself colors and standing still or moving robotically is fun or interesting. I'm sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings but this is one thing I won't miss about downtown Stuttgart.
I will miss this though.
Hope your day is great!


  1. I love your shorts, i think they look great and your photos are lovely.

  2. pants scare the...well...pants off of me! but yours are fabulous. can't imagine living and photographing there with all those weird people watching me! lol

    thanks for the scenery!

  3. The shorts are perfect,and yes you should have tried making them a lot sooner, great pictures too! I will miss roaming Stuttgart, thank you for sharing so much of it with me.

  4. love the shorts!!

    Everything is so pretty!

  5. Ok, I see two things wrong with the shorts. 1. I missed you wearing them to work. :( Where was I? 2. I can't see the top of them to admire them fully. The end. LOL! I think they look great!

    I love your pictures... but I had to come back to comment about 8 hours after I saw them and then not read the second time. :)

  6. Your shorts turned out really nice. I have plans to make another pair eventually. I have such a long list of things to sew and it keeps growing.

  7. Love the shorts, and they look great on you! Hooray for pushing at the borders of your comfort zone!

    I am going to miss only a few things about Germany, there will be beautiful things to see and experience in Virginia. I'm only going to miss the The Girls from The Shop.

    Incidentally, though, I do like those street performers. I think they're interesting, if only because I've only ever seen a few.

  8. I always think STINK when I see the street performers. i just imagine they must smell baaad becasue they are under all that paint and clothing.

    I love the shorts. They look SO good on you!! make more like we talked about!


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