Friday, July 2, 2010

Easy Bias Skirt

I made this using the Best Bias Skirt from Indygo Junction. We have it in the shop but I think people have trouble invisioning it. The cover is, let's say, less than flattering to the pattern. I decided to make one Wednesday night after work. The "best" means different things to different people... I can say this was quick and easy. I was tired and it only took me two hours from tracing to final ironing. It consists of two panel peices and bias binding. I made my own bias binding cause that's the way I roll.
I used Nicey Jane and Kona in grass. The pattern has you sew on the right side with a zig zag to complete the casing for the waistband and the hem. I really like it since the skirt is meant to be casual.
I wore it all day yesterday and I'm glad to say it was very comfortable. I was not just sitting looking pretty either, it was a receiving day for merchandize and I was bending and lifting a lot.
Did you get to sew today?


  1. So cute! Finally home from running errands.... now feeling like all my energy is gone :( hope you guys went to the beer garden... Im just making tacos.... yours sounds better!

  2. no sewing for me today =( I LOVE that fabric!!!

    but I do have to go clean up since Zac arrives at 9am tomorrow!!!

  3. I didn't sew. I wish I was sewing. I washed fabric though! Although I don't know WHEN I will sew again... I miss my sewing room. It's lonely. It misses me too.

    I love how simple the skirt is, and I love the bias binding you've put on the bottom of a couple of your skirts. I think that is super clever. So... is it just a normal skirt cut with the fabric folded on the bias?

  4. Indeed, cute! I've yet to make anything on the bias. I love these quick and easy projects, they make sewing so rewarding!

  5. It's 5:30 a.m., getting ready to head out to K.C. to see Sheen try on wedding dresses. I am befuddled as to how you can just whip something out EVERY DAY! I have just told "my honey" I am totally jealously, disgusted with you! I want to BE you! I could probably be you if I tried.......! (okay, it's just the earliness of the morning that makes me think I could actually be like you!) Ugh! Maybe I can sleep in the car...



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