Saturday, July 3, 2010

If you go to San Francisco....

I spent 3 days in San Francisco with Uber... they consisted of catching up on rest in the morning, meeting him for lunch and then bumming around waiting for him to get off so we could go explore... nothing in particular... just what every we came upon... probably not the best way to go about it but it was no stress and worked for us. No plans, no expectations, no frustrations.
I really enjoyed the Ferry Building Market Place. Which reminded me of a clean more expensive version of Pike's Place Market in Seattle... I like them both... but I had to resist the urge to buy things at this one... darn limited packing space!
Ok this is just to be mean to Uber... and to make me laugh. We had a fantastic lunch at Ferry Plaza Seafood and I was 'bugging' him trying to figure out the camera.... he should have thought about that face before making it!
The Bay Bridge and Treasure Island

Isn't he adorable in his little uniform? I should have thought to have someone get our picture together... as I am pretty sure that he will never be talked into getting into this uniform again! Our evenings consisted of public transportation and a LOT of walking. Which was a blast I don't think I have ever hurt as bad as I did after 3 days of walking there.
Turning around the cable car at the Powell/Market Turntable.
I can't even imagine trying to walk these hills, but it makes a pretty picture.
Alcatraz was on our list for this trip but we found out after a very long walk to the ferry terminal that they were sold out for the entirety of my trip there... we had no idea that we should have gotten our tickets in advance... everyone else we talked to seemed to find this weird too... but regardless if this is something you want to do while you're visiting here's your warning. We really didn't care either way so we had no problems about skipping it and headed off to my only must see for the trip.
The Golden Gate Bridge. I've been to San Francisco a lot and had yet to actually make it anywhere near this bridge, so I am happy to say I have now checked that off!

Alcatraz from afar
Here's Ubers and my go to restaurant. I know there is a lot of good food in San Fran but we usually come here when we get the chance to visit. If you go get the Tirimisu.... amazing!
Since we had nothing in particular planned we went up to the Coit tower one evening. There is a bus that takes you to the top of this hill... a bus that we couldn't seem to find a stop for... which was ridiculously irritating considering we kept watching buses come down from the tower and never saw a single one heading up there... so since we were so close we decided to walk... ahem....this may look like no big deal but this hill is so steep that cars are only allowed to park on a 90 degree angle to the curb. Uber was kind enough to pull me up half of it.
The views from the top are gorgeous. But I would say don't bother to pay to go up into the tower unless it's an absolutely clear day. We went ahead a did since we were there but it was rather pointless since the fog had rolled in we could actually see more from the base of the tower than the top.
I would recommend at least one full day devoted to Golden Gate Park. We almost went here instead of the coit tower and it would have definitely been more worth our time. We spent a few hours bumming around here on my last day and it was gorgeous. Beautiful walking parks and there are quite a few museums/gardens/conservatory...etc. to chose from. We just went for all the free stuff since we were having to drive back to Sacramento that night and didn't have time to do more.
Sherie trying to coax one of the turtles to come over.
Uber with an uncomfortable statue...
It was fun to wander around a 'real' city again. It did take a while to get used to it I didn't expect it to be quite as daunting as it was... of course usually I am with a group of people so this was really the first time I did any wandering by myself!

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  1. So glad you had such a nice time! Love your photos! Yes, it's a shame that for all the times I've been to SF I only went to the golden gate park once. Silly me.


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