Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Micah's Album

Finally finished updating Micah's album... I am really not sure how 3 months flew by! If this interests you check out the tab above to see the new pages. 

But for fun here is Uber back in 1980
 and Micah in 2011


  1. Ohhhh they are both so cute!!! hahahhaha

  2. I love those side by side baby neat! It's great that Uber's mom is still in that same house. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Squish him a little so he stops growing so fast!

  4. That's cool! Have you seen that photo project where you take a picture of yourself in the same spot as an old picture? Can you imagine trying to squeeze Matt into that sink now? Haha!

  5. Kelly- I haven't seen it but we were totally joking about that! I did get a picture of him with micah taking a bath that is in the book... I think that is the closest he will get to in the sink!

  6. I love that album. It helps when you have a stinkin' cute subject.

  7. I too love these kinds of photos! I have lots of the girls in the same outfits at about the same ages.


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