Sunday, August 14, 2011

Long Overdue

I bought this chair a long, long, long, long time ago. Ugly gold fabric a broken spring but the "bones" were good. I asked Jessica to send me a couple of things, among the things was some beautiful silk dupioni she bought in the LA fabric district, then I realized I needed a couple more things, then I lost momentum.
Do not look at the wonky springs and strapping, It's all wrong but it's what I had. 
Fast forward six years to last week..... Jessica un-buried the chair and demanded I finish it. She got me started again and after she left, I managed to finish! I even remembered that I love doing stuff like this. I made some mistakes and learned some new things. I will use this at my desk, a desk that I should show you one day. 
 I kinda love it a lot.
Next on the agenda, Jess has researched how to eight-way hand tie and I have this couch....


  1. beautiful chair! I love old chairs!! And you love purple. Good choice for you. It's stunning and yes we'd like to see your desk:)

  2. Corinnea!!! It's so beautiful!!! It looks really detailed around the edges. Is that two rows of piping? I'm super impressed! And of course it's purple. Why am I not surprised?

  3. Wow this looks great. I can just about manage to cover something if it's square or rectangle but not do full on upholstery.

  4. Woo Hoo, you did it! I love that you used purple! That is what I need to do to my slipper chair. Love it. Now show a picture of it by your desk!!!

  5. oh, that looks so awesome! and your skirt is gorgeous up against it. i love them both!

  6. Looks like a chair fit for the queen. Really pretty.

  7. Wow thats beautiful i love your protjekt


  8. Mrs. Corinnea YOU INSPIRE ME!!!! These are GORGEOUS ;)


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