Monday, August 22, 2011

Switching up the Ottoman

I went back and forth on selling this monstrosity, ottomans are ridiculously expensive and I could not find a replacement that I liked that had wheels... I bought and returned stuff to redo this sucker multiple times but when I decided on the chairs and the fabric my thoughts on this finally came together. This ottoman is really large 33"x21" just a huge box - no storage. I recovered it right after we moved into the house it started out a dark emerald green velour and was a hand me down from my grandparents (thanks!). Microsuede was an improvement at the time but now ... not so much... 
The whole storage thing got me thinking... why can't I have storage? It's totally set up for it already
Note Management checking out the situation
Uber made me a bottom (hurrah for seemingly never ending pile of scraps)
 And then I ordered some Linen in Elephant and Premier Prints Suzani in Slub Charcoal   and got to recovering
 It's definitely on the funky side... and far from perfect
 But I am so thrilled with the way the storage turned out
The hinge and spring loaded bracket were found at Lowes 
 And now all of Micah's toys can be hidden in a few seconds
It doesn't get much better then that!


  1. Great re-do! Great idea. That is perfect for storage of those toys. Mine has all the games in it. Love the 'management' picture. Please post more!

  2. When I first started reading this I thought - what a shame it's not got built in storage! I love the pic of Micah doing his inspection. It looks like he's checking there is enough space for his toys and how soft the seating and sprawling capacity of the top! too cute!

  3. That's it. I'm going to recover something. you've inspired me. :)

  4. ohh myyy god! i love it! i always wonder how people do that.. it looks so difficult to me!! :D

  5. NIIIICE! I love the fabric! Did you add wheels while you were at it? The ruffles at the bottom are great too!

  6. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  7. Adrienne- can't wait to see what- it's so addictive!
    Marysza- it's really not that hard but I have done a few different things so I have learned a lot since my first project.
    Kelly- It had wheels on it. They are still on the bottom they are really unattractive so that is why I put the skirt back on the bottom
    Amish stories- thanks for the comment!

  8. Your fabric choices are super!

    Now if I could just decide on my fabric....

  9. That is the coolest thing ever. Love it!

  10. oh and another thing....How do you find time to do all of this with a baby? I have been working on trying to sew a dress that I started....last year. Maybe I'll get it done next year.

  11. really really good idea! I'd do that to mine but I already made a fitted cover with piping and a skirt so I'm not redoing it! But I'm looking around trying to find something I can recover:) You make it look so easy. Did you get most of your know-how from the internet? I love this color linen and the name. I have some baby blue cotton velvet curtains in the girls room called "elephants ear". it might be why I bought the fabric...

  12. omg amazing! i would love to know how you did this..tutorial??


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