Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Chairs?

I was in a second hand store a couple of months ago with Jessica. I spotted these folding chairs and really liked them. They weren't too old but they had some personality. 
I didn't get them. 
I couldn't stop thinking that I'd made a mistake. 
I needed a small chair for You Know Who's office. One that a I could sit in but wouldn't take up too much space.
I thought the folding chair would work even though the seat was ugly. 
 They were supposed to be marked down at one month. I decided that if they were still there, then it was meant to be. 
They were there, I got them a bit cheaper,  and I still had some yummy leather left from my dining chairs makeover.
 I got them just in time. The chair I had been using in my sewing room had to be thrown out. 
These are very versatile. I love the way they look in our work spaces and in our living spaces when we have company. So far we haven't needed to store them but if we do, the folding option is nice!


  1. Very nice! Is there anything you don't know how to do??

  2. I've never seen folding chairs that look like regular chairs. Folding chairs always seem to be plastic, wooden slatted of deck chairs! You could use these anywhere and they'd fit in - lovely!

  3. These are so pretty you didn't mention that I found them in a catalog for 6 times the amount you spent on them!

  4. Cool! And I like the part about paying 6 times less for them! :)

  5. Ding ding, we have another winner!!!! What a great idea!

  6. I love these chairs! I only knew the ugly folding kind, but these look just great ( even in my house-hint ) .
    Keep up the great works, you inspire me.

  7. Fab transformation. When I move home, I will be checking out for some second hand ones and hope to transform them too.

  8. Fab transformation. When I move home, I will be checking out for some second hand ones and hope to transform them too.

  9. I just LOVE second hand stores! And I just LOVE what you did to those folding chairs!


  10. Looks great! You and Jess almost make me want to cover something....almost. But it looks good when you guys do it.

  11. I LOVE these chairs they are so different and fun. I tend to do the same thing when I find something I like and don't buy. I go home kick myself in the arsssss and then think about it all day long regretting it. Glad that you went back and they were still there ;) Great addition to you craft room!

  12. Great redo! (I've never seen folding chairs that look so much like a standard table chair!)

    I am a firm believer in waiting to purchase, the test being if I can't stop thinking about it. Usually after a few days, I can't even recall what it is that I had wanted. But, if I am still thinking about it... well, I just hope it's still there! You hit the jack-pot... not only were the chairs still there, but they were reduced! That's a double YAY!!


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