Friday, August 5, 2011

So Very Behind

On things I want to share......
Been mostly just living in the moment and barely remembering to take pictures. When I do, things can get a bit silly. The results are not pretty. 
You've been warned.

I made another Butterick 4789 from fabric I bought on my last trip to Hilco with Kelly. (Miss you!) I'd been meaning to make it and when I realized how well it went with my skirt, I finally took the time. I love it.
Not sure what I was doing with my face. 
This was the only decent close-up. I was trying to make a point to Jess about relaxing and having fun with photos. She thought I wouldn't be crazy brave enough to post them.
Just before this silly photo shoot, a friend arrived to do a live blood analysis. She had to poke my finger to get the a fore mentioned live blood. That face?? What can I say, I don't like pain and Jess you're mean! 
Poor Charlotte didn't know whether to laugh at me or slap me but she is a kind gentile lady and chose to smile through the the three second ordeal.
This was very interesting. My blood is fairly healthy for my age...... She did have some suggestions for changes I can make that could make it even better and possibly help me to feel more energetic. I'm working on those now. 
 I've been told time and time again that the only reason you all keep coming back is to see the boy. I know it's true so I've decided to leave you with these cute boy shots. Last week we were fortunate enough to wake up with he and his mom in the house. I decided to torment him with the triangle bag again. He's beginning to see it has  some advantages.
He's so fun and so funny! 


  1. I love the faces, yours and boy's. The top is great, looks good with the skirt.
    Soon I can torture you with pictures of the grand kids, oh what fun!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS I need those pictures for his book! love the rest. what a special camera day we were having

  3. AW I miss you too!!!! The shirt looks great and you're right, it's perfect with the skirt! I hope your changes do make you feel more energetic, in which case you'll need to share. And he's so cute on the triangle!

  4. I love the shirt and skirt together! Perfect! I just want to squeesh that baby so tight! He looks like he's mischevious (sp?)!

  5. I visit your blog to see what you have been up to.......Okay, I really visit to see pic's of 'the boy'!! Love his funny face.

  6. Love the shirt. That triangle cushion looks fab too and it looks the perfect place to chill with a bottle. I've never seen that instant blood analysis before. I suspect we don't have it in the UK.

  7. Love your outfit! That boy is gorgeous. I want to squeeze him ;)Love all his faces, he cracks me up...


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