Thursday, May 10, 2012

Addicted? ...and an update

Quite possibly... there is just nothing like making a quilt! Yes it's greens and greys again. I might have a bit of a green and grey thing going on right now.
 I've been wanting to do a stacked coin quilt for a while... I didn't realize you could vary the sizes of the coins... well I guess you can do anything you want to right? It took me a little bit to decided on a pattern for these fabrics I wanted them to be larger so you could really see the fabric. They're by Premier prints, Birch Fabrics and Monaluna. With some Michael Miller TaDot thrown in on the front and for the backing. The binding is Kona Cotton Lime. 
Yummy polka Dots... there is a mini version I just finished and I will try to get pictures of soon... it's for the shop!
Meanwhile this ones for the living room this one has already been put to some serious use! 

And just to update everyone still no baby----9 more days until my due date... blahhh... but it's actually a VERY, VERY good thing because Micah got sick last week and has proceeded to infect the rest of us with the worst sickness we've seen in over a decade... no joke... so sorry if we are a little slow with the posting or seem a little off...because we are! Mum and Dad are hopefully on the mend now and once they're better we will be more then happy to have Bella make an appearance! Don't worry we will keep you updated!


  1. Love the quilt, I think greens and greys are a perfect match, makes me think of nature. Moss covered rocks.
    I lik ethe variayion of the coins, great idea.

  2. really cute! I thought your mom had made this! grey with anything is nice.

  3. It is beautiful. I can't believe you are still quilting. You should be sitting around relaxing. So sorry you guys have been sick. Not fair to be pregnant and sick.


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