Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Organized.

One of my goals was to get organized before the baby got here... who knew she wouldn't be in a hurry?! I finally finished up the last few things on my to do list the week before we all got sick. 

I had read about homasote on design blogs as a great alternative for a cork board (much cheaper) but the problem is actually locating it. Lucky for us again Mom talks to a lot of construction companies at work. So she was able to have a local lumber yard get us a 4x8 sheet which ran $30 and we were able to split between us. I only needed this smaller piece, which I wrapped in linen and had Uber attach to the wall. The grosgrain trim covers the screw heads. 
 On day 3 of cleaning up after after a sick child I decided to make myself a pin cushion to hang on the board.... I had originally planned something fun and bright but ended up with this fellow... who makes me laugh. He's based off of this design which has been a popular pinterest pin. Of course since it was in french I didn't quite realize the dimensions of the final project... I should have made mine much smaller to get the same look... he's hanging out for now but I am not sure he will be around forever! 
My next project was making a case for my Wacom pin tablet. It just takes up too much space in a drawer so Mum gave me the idea to hang it up.  
 Though  I tried super hard to mess this up it turned out really well.

 It even had pockets for the cords and pin inside. 
 And it now hangs in this nifty basket (via ballard designs) 
So yes I am now officially done organizing my space so it looks nice for all of the time I won't have to use it here soon... someday... if there really truly is a baby : ).  

PS Mom is almost organized too-- I am really going to have to sneak pictures of her stuff to show you all!


  1. ohhhh I love the tablet holder!!!!! I love the grey fabric and the yellow hexies! you just inspired me for something.....But most of all I want to make that pin cushion!!!!!!! I never saw that floating around pinterest or if I did it took seeing someone I admire to make it 1st! I saw the baby on facebook and she is B-E-A-UTIFUl!

  2. It all looks great. I have a corner like this only it never stays tidy and I never sit at it. I'm very naughty...I should just sort it once and for all. Love the tablet holder. The bee and hexies theme is fab!

  3. Looks beautiful! And I love, love, love your tablet holder! Aww, and it appears from the comment up there that Bella is here. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Obviously my Great-Great niece is very considerate already...she waited until you got completely organized to make her appearance.

  5. The space looks great! I like the pin cushion and tablet holder. I'm guessing from Jennifer's comment the baby is here now? Can't wait to see pictures!


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