Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden Tuesday - Where Nature (and You Know Who) Conspire Against Me

So just when I think I may have a week without an interesting creature in my yard another one shows up. I came home from work, said hey to the man, started coffee, and still following my normal routine, went out to see the back garden. Tucked in my parsley was this moth.  I ran back inside to get my camera.
 It was an amazing moth. Later I did some searching and found out it is a female Polyphemus moth. She is probably laying eggs.
The circles on it's wings are transparent! The lower wings are supposed to look like eyes.
While taking pictures I heard a rustling in the plant. I suspected a lizard because they are everywhere. 
Then beyond the moth there was something strange.
I parted the chives and ran right into this. I screamed pretty loudly. Unfortunately You Know Who was not outside and took his sweet time to respond to my distress. I am sure he wasn't too worried since I'd already started laughing about how close I came to grabbing a snake.  
When I told him he had to come see it and take care of it for me, he wandered over and leaned down while asking where the the snake was. I had no idea what kind of snake it was and when he reached out and started to get too close to it with his bare hand I may have started to freak out a bit.
 It was out of concern for his well being.
 I'm nice like that. 
Then he pulled it out and threw it at me. 
I screamed, I died and fell on my rear. 
Then I threatened him with bodily harm. 
I still cannot believe that nature decided to help him out with this practical joke. 
I've not forgiven either of them yet.

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  1. The moth is beautiful, the snake - not so much! Enjoyed your vignette but am glad it was in your garden and not mine. lol

  2. I would have died!!! My husband knows better than that, for sure. I am known for being deathly afraid of the critters, green or black, I don't care!!! I would have screamed when I first saw it too!! But you got some wonderful photos of the moth. Enjoyed the post.

  3. Bad bad man! I can see him doing that. Just looking at 'it' gave me the creeps! Love the moth picture, the eyes on the wings are beautiful. I hope it is a good moth and not a garden eating moth.

  4. Wow! Like Wild Kingdom out there! Great pics of the garden wildlife.

  5. Wow! Like Wild Kingdom out there! Great pics of the garden wildlife.

  6. That moth is incredible!!! I even like snakes!

  7. Oh my gosh!!!! He threw a snake at you!?!? I don't care what kind of snake it is, my hubby would have to get very comfortable with the couch because that's where he would be spending the rest of his life!!!! But your pictures are of course great!

  8. You have both amazing and somewhat scary flora and fauna in your backyard--always a sense of drama out there!

  9. Great pictures, the moth is very pretty. Where I used to work, for some reason during spring they would come and get on the window screens and die there. They were huge, bigger than my hand!

    I can't believe he threw the snake on you!

  10. I would probably never go out there again. Snakes still FREAK me out...you remember when you and Scott Gardner scared me with that baby snake?

  11. Oh, but the moth was beautiful.


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