Friday, May 4, 2012

A whole lotta' Sheets

I really thought about dumping this project on Mum... But I was good and finally sat down and did it myself. Mum and I found two different sheet sets for cheap (clearance) at Target over the last few years, we originally just bought them for the fabric so we bought them in the largest sizes possible. After making Micah's turtle quilt I realized they would match really well when  he moved up into a real bed so I ended up setting them aside 
 Well he has officially been in his bed now for a few weeks, and they finally became a priority. I don't really see a need for a flat sheet on a kid's bed so I ended up with 4 fitted sheets and 4 additional pillow cases (some of which are miniature). Eventually we may need the trundle under his bed and I will have matching fitted sheets for the top and bottom mattress. I do have to say, these fit so much better than ones you buy off a shelf- it's ridiculous actually, because I was totally winging it. Isabella won't allow me to bend, I can't make his bed right now and Uber was at work. I just measured and hoped for the best. 
Sleeping babies are seriously one of the cutest things ever.


  1. cool idea. Love the sleeping boy.

  2. Did you blog about something? Because all I can see is that baby sleeping like a little angel! Oh my goodness that photos is sooooo precious!! I want to scoop him and and squeeze!

  3. Cool! I love it when winging it works out great!

  4. Could he be anymore precious...I don't think so!

  5. Oh and the sheets are so cool. Sorry i got lost in how cute the boy was.


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