Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art Board Tutorial

I just thought I would give you guys a brief run down/source list on how we made the Art Board in Micah's room.... just in case anyone wants to make one of their own.
I thought this project up when we were in the process of moving and had this huge 4'x8' pegboard that once hung in our garage. We either needed to store or get rid it, as we don't have a garage in our new place. Really it was just too nice of a piece to get rid of. Uber made it with molding that I can't seem to locate more of - it's basically a picture frame molding that used to be sold at building supply stores... not sure what it's called or why no one here seems to carry it any longer. 
Mom bought the Martha Stewart Organizing Magazine to get us ready for spring ... and my move... and in it her people used a peg board in a kids bathroom which made me think how awesome it would be in a kids room.    
So we started with this already built frame. 

From Ikea we picked up:
The shelf - EKBY JÄRPEN/ EKBY BJÄRNUM - in the 7 1/2" depth
Paper - MÅLA

I just played with the heights for these until I was happy with the placement. Then we centered them and used toggle bolts to hold the the shelf and rail in place. 
The Grundtal Rail has screws on the ends of the bar so when the paper needs to be replaced we can just undo those and slide on a new roll. 
The bins are all held on by small pegboard hooks- this way they can be rearranged in the future if the supplies being stored need more space. 
The sheet metal was a bit more tricky- home improvement stores didn't carry a large enough piece so luckily Mum deals with First Coast Sheet Metal (no website but you could look them up if your local. I would recommend them) through work, so she ordered a custom piece cut to the exact size I needed with rolled edges- I am sure you could just look up a company in the phone book and have the same thing done. It was relatively inexpensive - around $40 which if you price out the smaller pieces sold in Home Depot or Lowes you would be up over that price and would still have to figure out how to cut it yourself.

I'm sure they could have drilled holes for us but I am not that on my game so Uber had to do it when I got the metal home and marked the back. 

He used a nail punch to dent the metal where he would be drilling
And then slowly gauged up with the drill bits 
The tear bar is a short piece of aluminum that I found in the metal section at Lowes.
The sheet metal and tear bar were all secured with a bolt on the front and a washer and nut on the back. 
The sheet metal serves a couple of purposes- smooth drawing surface, magnet board and can also be used as a white board. 
I used my silhouette machine to make these chalkboard vinyl labels (since I had vinyl on hand from the stair numbers) but Martha Stewart sells the same thing at Staples. I used a chalk pin to write on the labels so they can be redone in the future.

 And of course don't forget to secure the board to the wall so you don't have to worry about it falling over on anyone. We have ours leaning too - the bottom is about 6 inches out from the wall. 
I can not express to you how much I LOVE this project. It's really fun and I think it will grow with him. I have all sort of fun ideas for magnets!!
And no post about the boys room is complete without a picture of the boy himself- his dad taught him how the drill works.... not really something I appreciate....he is crazy about tools
Should an 19 month old be able to lift a drill? 
Well he can and he is very proud of himself.


  1. Cool project Jessica. Of course guess my favorite part. That boy holding the drill, oh my! What fun you have ahead of you, his face expressions kill me..

  2. Thanks for sharing the details! I was wondering how you put that together. And I LOVE the picture of him with the drill, it looks like he's about to go all Tim Allen/Home Improvement. :)

  3. Very nice! I have a picture of Ethan with a drill too! He tried to drill into the bathroom one day because I was taking too long.... Crazy boy...

  4. That board is one of the best things I have seen you come up with. Your brain is a magical place. He will have many fun hours with....the drill :)


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