Sunday, March 10, 2013

Five Year Blog-A-Thon!

It is hard for me to believe but we have been blogging for five whole years! Way back when I worked at the most wonderful shop with the most amazing people, I was talked into starting a blog. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I in turn talked Jessica into blogging and when You Know Who and I moved back to the states, Jessica and I combined blogs.

Something people may not know, I would never have started working at the craft shop if Jessica hadn't talked me into taking a class. Oh the things I would have missed!

So to celebrate this monumental event several of those awesome people and us are doing a blog-a-thon give away! Please visit each of the blogs and leave a comment for the chance at some really awesome things. 

Jessica and I are offering a $30 certificate to be used in our shop. All you have to do is go over to the shop, look around, come back to this post and tell us what you might choose if you win.

 Here are the links to everyone else's giveaways! Just click on the pictures!

Parrish Platz

Kelly's Korner

Pearlswirl Journals

The Green World

 Comments will  close at 10pm on the 16th of March and winners will be announced on the 17th of March.
Thanks for playing along!


  1. I'm so glad you were on the crafts team and that I had you as part of my life for so many years!

    If I were to win I would want that motorcycle pillow case! I would give it to my brother who rides that kind of motorcycle.

  2. Hello friends! i have always adored the sunshine grey and yellow quilt you have so I would be tempted to put the gift certificate towards that.. but it's probably a bit of a big purchase for now, so I think I would go for the little pink pennant bunting. I love that kind of stuff! :)

  3. I am a better person for knowing both of you!! Here's to another 5 years of blogging!! I want that stripey baby blanket!! You never blogged that!! I WANT that! It's adorable. I know my girls are too old now but maybe if I have another? or if I saved it for when they have a girl? I just LOVE it soooo much!!!

  4. Oh. My. Word. One of your Perfect Pouches? A garland or two? The numbers soft book? Oh man, too many choices! And what a good idea, doing a gift certificate... I may have to steal this idea, at sometime in the future. :)

    Oh, and can I just say, that I am so, so glad that you were there at the shop! And I'm so very glad I got to see you this weekend. :)

  5. I would buy the polka dot bag and elephant bag for my kiddos things!

  6. That garland is fabulous! It would go perfect in my little Birrdy's room. Any and all colors!

  7. Oh boy that would be hard to decide (but fun): Perfect pouch, Oceanside Garland, Merino cowl, key fob and/or sheet girdle.

  8. Congratulations on your blogiversary! x

  9. I really like the book of colors or numbers!

  10. Key Fob all the way. I love the one that parrishplatz gave me that you made and need another one for sure :) JennyBean

  11. Five years, wow, that is cool! Your lil' shop is full of happy creations, congrats to you all (including that daughter and talented sister, too!)

  12. I'm so glad you had that wonderful time at the craft store. What fun memories you have and I am so glad I got to experience a tiny bit of it and got to meet the fun people you worked with and I have very happy memories from spending time there. The draw string bag I think I need!!!!

  13. I am so glad that I got to work and hang out with you and the girls at the shop. If I was the winner I would buy the polka- dotted bag. It so screams me!

  14. I loved working with you at the craft store! I still use the minky blanket you made for Keara before we moved back to the States :-) From all the lovely things in your shop I would get the girls a small drawstring bag, probably the pink polka dots, and a perfect pouch for me!

  15. Congrats on your 5 year blogiversary!

  16. I am in love with the Bluebird on a Branch :)

  17. Have you ladies not picked a winner?

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