Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh Dear, We've Done It Again

Apologies all around..... Stuff goes on and we loose all track of time. 
Begging for pity, I must say that Florida may in fact be trying to kill me. 
 Oh. My. Goodness. 
I am getting my voice back, sort of, after a couple of days of laryngitis. 


We've brought back our popular random number generator. He takes his job seriously. He and I were having an important pistachio eating meeting in the last bit of this evenings sunshine, but he was willing to take time out to choose our winner.
Without further ado but several pictures to build up anticipation. As if waiting and extra five days is not enough build up......

This sweet boy wanted to choose a second place winner....

Jennifer of Parrishplatz you our winner!
 Since you also won Jenny of Pearlswirl Journals giveaway, you should probably buy a lottery ticket or something. Let us know what you choose from the shop and we will get it out to you. I promise we are better at mailing than we are at blogging. 


    WOW. I cannot believe it. If anyone is hatin' on me...suck it up! Because I'm a winner!! Thank you Corinnea and Jessica!!

  2. what's that quilt you're wearing? Think we wouldn't notice????????

  3. OMG what is that quilt??? did you make that? I'm about to start a curved block. Have you blogged that?

    Congrats Jennifer!

  4. PS glad you are ok! I was starting to worry!

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  6. Eternally grateful that the above comment will help me add ketones to my diet... i had been wondering how to do that all week. Anyways, my heart leapt when i saw 'jennifer' except of course none of you call me that so I knew it couldn't be... :( Congrats Jenny P.!

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