Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Warning - Giant Orb Spider

This is my front yard at night (duh) and something's out there. I know the title of this post gives it away but I also know that several of my family and friends abhor spiders and needed to be warned. I'm not a huge fan either but when a harmless, beneficial comes along I just can't help but be interested. If you've been to FL you know bugs here are big. This spider eats some of those bugs. 
Gotta love her.
I just wouldn't want to mistakenly walk into her web because even though I know she won't bite,
 I. Would. Be. So. Freaked. Out.
Can you see her now?
She is covered with very reflective hair! 
This spider builds her web just at sunset and then removes it before dawn. 
It wasn't easy for me to get pictures. It was a bit windy and, well, dark. So, I'm sorry to have  not done it justice.
The webs are close to three feet across.
Is it only me or does any one else find this amazing??
I'm sharing this at Sidewalk Shoes Garden Tuesday.


  1. Wow! That last photo is unbelievable!!

  2. ooooh, scary sight. Glad she tears the web down before daylight. I'd hate to run into it.

  3. Amazing and fascinating and utterly terrifying all at the same time, but I do love the fact that she picks up after herself!

  4. WOW! Its good to know she is a good one. Otherwise! Really tho that web is beautiful!

  5. It is amazing that such a big spider just "appears" overnight, isn't it?!? We had one stretch this h-u-g-e web a couple of years back, it is kinda freaky. Lydia looked it up after discovering it, and yep, she made 2-3 more, took them down each day, and then we never saw it again....

  6. it's just you;) GROSS. and no thank you but thank you for warning me. Do they really remove their webs? why? I'm fascinated if I can't see it.

  7. They're really amazing! I actually like spiders a lot, as long as they ren't in my house or on my person. Such neat creatures, and the webs are fantastic!

  8. That is incredibly beautiful. I used to love watching the spiders build webs in the early morning in Arkansas. I don't know what the name of the spider was...it was a huge black and yellow thing. Build watching it make the web was amazing. Always reminded me of Charlotte.


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