Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wedding gift

I made these for a very sweet girl who got married a couple of months ago. (Yes, I am that slow posting things.) I found out she liked these colors and made her a simple bag. She is going to be a teacher and I think teachers always need some sort of bag or another... right?
I had to add a pocket for small things of course. It hangs free from the casing at the top so a zipper seemed in order. I couldn't resist the opportunity to mix it up with color.

Next up are washcloths. I believe you can never have enough. 
I had fun knitting these and playing with the stripes. I had no plan to make them this way. I think that's part of my problem when it comes to knitting. No plan. I can read all sorts of other patterns but knitting patterns can make me cross eyed.

I love the cream and red together. I might have to make some like this for myself. 


  1. I want these wash cloths. I have some from my Nanny knitted years ago but I want these stripey ones. GORGEOUS!!!! Love the bag and yes, from what my two teacher friends say, bags are a must for carrying all the stuff they carry!!

  2. Great stuff! I like your fabric choice on the bag!

  3. teachers always need new bags, what fun! BTW, I received the pretty scarf yesterday, and it is even more special in person! Thank you all so-o much!

  4. Love the bag. Your bag are always the coolest things. Sherie has made me a couple of those washcloths. I love them too!


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