Monday, March 4, 2013

Hot Pads

I had this idea for hot pads... it's been a while ago so I am not sure where I saw it but this is what it morphed into.... Mum had the cork circle hot pads from ikea and I decided to make a covers for them. 

It was an awesome way to use up scraps 
But the major thing I wanted to do is have them be removable for things like washing 
or so you could grab things from the oven

I need to work on my binding skills for circles. But so far I am super happy with the design. And fun thing I realized after is that I can use them as a mini ironing board in my craft area- for those tiny things you don't want to yank the ironing board out for. Awesomeness!


  1. I love the multipurposeness of them! Awesome!

  2. Neat idea to use them as pot holders and trivet covers! Plus they're pretty, so you know, bonus!

  3. Love that they cover the ugly cork trivets!! And a mini ironing board is genius:)

  4. I love this design! And the fact that it is multipurpose is awesome, super clever Jess!


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