Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mom's and my excellent adventure

There have been three constants on our trip. Beauty, fun and rain. The variables? Gale force winds, lightening and a bit of sun in some of the right places......
We started Sunday afternoon and surprised my friend Dora in Garmisch. She and mom hit it off fantastically.
We made it to Vicenza later Monday than I cared for. The drive was gorgeous but made a bit longer by a closed road with no detour indicated. Several of us ended up on this closed road together so at least I know it wasn't just me....
It was pouring in Vicenza. A little windy too.

Venice started off a bit shaky for me. I was not happy with the weather. Mom was game though and I think her positive attitude brought the sun we had in the afternoon! I went up into the cappelle and took this photo. I didn't know but mom ran around to this side to try and see me. I actually got her in the photo. She's in the lower left side of the square by the chairs.

When the sun came out in the afternoon, we took the opportunity to sit in the San Marcos square and have a snack. We really enjoyed the small orchestra. It was a fantastic way to end the day. It was the Florian and the waiters all wore pristine white jackets. (Carol you should have been with us, you would have loved it!)

Our host for the two evenings we were in the area were a lovely couple, Gail and Stew. They shared the 500 year old restored villa they call home while they live in Italy. The villa has a name, I forgot it in the car. Their landlords are a count and contessa who live down by the main house. I regret that the weather really prevented us from getting decent pictures. It is a beautiful place and they are wonderful hosts.

This is Bella. I didn't get a good photo of her brother Duncan. They were hilarious. Bella is huge and she's just a baby.

A veiw from the dining area to the living room.
Right now I am posting from a gorgeous hotel, San Simeone in northern Tuscany. For our drive down here we had all of the afore mentioned weather. As I write it's hailing. I can't think of a more spectacular place to watch a storm roll through. In a few minutes we are walking down around the corner for a fantastic dinner. Life's good.


  1. Oh, Corinnea! What a great post! I feel relaxed just reading it! Ok, minus crazy weather, and road closures! That just adds to a better story though, right? ;) I LOVE that pic of your mom and her umbrella!! It's great! And that place you stayed (and the DOGS!! AWESOME!!!) looks and sounds gorgeous. Have fun on the rest of your trip!! :)

  2. even with the rain it seems like a lovely trip! Venice is my favorite place in the world!!! Enjoy the rest of Italy!

  3. Sorry about the weather, but you and your mom make your own sunshine! Very jealous, but so happy you're able to go visit such beautiful places!

  4. Yay! You're posting! I, like everyone else, wish I were there with you two. Sooo cool!And that house! Holy cow!

  5. I thought it never rained in italy =-) It's good to see your still having fun though. Drink some vino for me!

  6. Amazing! Keep having fun and keep posting pics!!!

  7. LOVE all of the pictures! Looks like a blast I am glad you are having fun even if the weather sucks! Please bring Bella home I want her. I will have to show her to matt he will be so jealous! I love you guys

  8. Love the pictures!!! It looks like you guys are having tons of fun regarless of the weather :) The picture of your mom with the umbrella is Priceless :) HAd to laugh, it has happend to me lots of times :)


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