Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Problem Solved.

AGH! My mum and dad bought me a new machine! I am so excited about this. I bought it from a local mom and pop store that I drive by all the time and never noticed. The people were really helpful completely un-pushy and very informative. No trying to up sell just wanted to sell me what I needed. So hopefully this machine will work as well as they said!

Now if I could only play with it. All I was able to do was get it out of the box tonight. I have been crazy busy finishing up all the shower preparations because it is TOMORROW night. How did that happen?! I'll be back later with pictures : )


  1. Hope you get to take her for a run soon. Love you!

  2. Hey Jessica. What a lovely thing for your mom & dad to do. I hope you enjoy it, I know you'll be making a lot of cool things.

  3. Super cool machine! you're official now:)

  4. Love your machine, have been very happy with my janome, cant wait to see what you make!


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