Sunday, October 18, 2009

I love weekends...

but then who doesn't?

We have had a lovely weekend. It's been in the 60's which has been AMAZING we have actually been able to put on sweaters!! Of course the sweaters have been over shorts and tank tops but we aren't complaining!!

Saturday morning (ish) we headed out to our local state park with our bikes. The original plan was to hit some of the off road trails but we got a short ways down the trail and a face plant each in (not bad or anything... well not for me at least -I caught myself!! ) and realized my bike for sure wasn't in that kind of shape. Pavement was fine but the tires and tubes need to be replaced before we hit up tree roots and the craziness going on back in the trail. Of course when we pulled a map on the way out of the park we found out we had inadvertently headed down the expert trail... needless to say we will be going back with new tires and be hitting the beginner trail! I have to say the little slice I got was a blast... Also Mum and Dad will be happy that the park requires helmets on the off road trails so Uber is going to have to purchase one now!!!Since the trails were out for the day we ended up touring the whole park from the roads. Which was great we had no idea there was so much additional stuff out there! Then we headed out to the beach that is also part of the park and got in a good 12 mile ride on the beach.

We didn't take the camera on the ride (unfortunately) because we had no where to carry it but here is us cleaning up after the ride. Dad they have a station there to hose off your bikes!

Then last night we had some of the guys over for football and brats. And I slipped in my first apple pie of the season. YUM! No pictures of course because they kind of devoured it!

I thought I would share these two pictures with you. These are the decorations from the baby shower which are now being used in the babies room. How fun is that?

Well I need to get busy crafting. It's been quiet around here but I have been working on some tutorials. One's being tested and the other one is driving me crazy!!!! Hopefully I will be wrapping them up soon and back to fun things I can show you.


  1. Glad you had a nice "cool" weekend to enjoy riding. Yes, dad and I are glad you have to wear helmets. Me cause I want Uber's brain intact. Dad cause he wants him to wear a helmet cam...

  2. The decorations look great in the baby's room! Nice Job again!

  3. Wow! 60's eh? It was in the high 40's here. But it looks like it will be in the high 60's and even hitting a low 70's today and staying in the 60's for most of the week. Going to do some peony planting today! Woot!

  4. The park sounds very cool. I'm glad you are finding so many fun things to do around there. Helmet, yes, good idea...


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