Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ready for Halloween

I'm all ready for Halloween after some quick projects with stuff I had laying around the house. Aslan got a witches hat. Which is totally cracking me up - it's HUGE! It took Uber a little while to figure out what I was doing... luckily he laughed when he realized!

After seeing Jennifer's bat garland I just had to do some for myself. It turned out really well though I wish the ribbon I found had been longer.
They're made out of felt with embroidered faces. I used a double stretchy stitch for the detailing on the wings so they crinkle and hold themselves up.

I wasn't to particular with my stitching just had fun with it.

This whole garland making thing is addictive I want to make more now!!


  1. I looove it! It's so cool to see your version(and if Mary Allen had a blog we'd see her version!). Did you puff up his body? Super super cute! They are addicitve aren't they?? If I had an etsy shop...maybe some day..

  2. Very cute. I am really going to make one of these garlands soon. Love the hat!

  3. Really cute stuff, love the glitter ribbon with the bats. Oh, and the dead eyes =-) Nicolas would have loved that. My goal this week is to finish the bats, so I can move on to the Thanksgiving garland.

  4. the hat is perfect and love the garland! Got to get some felt to try one!

  5. I love the hat on Aslan. It is my favorite......................

  6. Kudos on getting into the spirit! We've been doing similar. Jan put up some cobwebs in the dining room, and I put up lights and a few props in the upstairs' windows. It's a work in progress. :D


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