Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Finished Quilt and Lovely Gifts

So, it's been awhile. Things have been a bit wonky lately. Even my car is not having enough fun. Her check engine light came on so instead of going home I swung by the mechanic and he said she is, um, well, kinda the human equivalent of blocked up..... apparently she needs a long drive on the freeway maybe as far as the Bodensee. Can you miss a day of work cause your car wants to go somewhere?
Anyhow, I finally finished my second quilt from Metro Blue Goes Green. Yes, it's another zig-zag, this time from half square triangles. I liked these so much more than the others I made. I also put a wide border on, or several borders, actually. Lesson learned, more borders are harder. I peiced the back trying to use up all of my leftovers.
I used really simple quilting. I followed the zig zag with a wavy line.
I got a box from my Sister. Talk about feeling loved! First of all, she wrapped everything beautifully. I almost didn't want to open it but I knew what was inside!
I love the tags.
She made me a cowl out of the yummiest plum color yak down. Did you know there was such a thing as yak down? I didn't. I love it.

Then there is this. This made me cry. This is from baby aplaca.

Holy Cow!

This frog is happy. He may go places with me. He also loves the pansy pin cushion.

And dish cloths, have you ever seen dish cloths this pretty?

More cowls. You have to touch these to believe them. If you are all nice I might let you touch them.
So after a fairly yucky few days, this all just made me smile.
K, buh bye.


  1. LOVE THE QUILT!! You can just send it along with the other one : P And all of the goodies are fabulous I cant wait to see pictures of you in them.

  2. Oh Yes, I definitely love this quilt! And the added borders just make it gorgeous! and Wow what a sweet sister! Can't wait to see you wearing everything!

  3. I give you permission to take a long, mental metal health day! LOL Go somewhere scenic, romantic, pretty or practical...just get out of Dodge. The quilt is awesome and matches your new dish clothes quite nicely. Are you and your sister adopting into the family any time soon? I would love to get packages full of goodies like that and to have such a sweet sister who is thoughtful and so kind. Hope this day goes better!

  4. Lucky you, so many nice gifts! I love the green quilt, that zig zag pattern is one of my favorites.

  5. You are a very loved girl :) Everything is even more beautiful up close. The quilt is exquisite, great way to use all your scraps on the backing. Beautiful COLOR :)

  6. Glad I could brighten your day! Your quilt is just so totally amazing, really, love the front, love the back, dont know how you do it!

  7. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this quilt. I LOOOVE the quilting. Very smart! And the knitted stuff is really cool. The one you had on today looked so good with your skin (purple).

  8. Thanks all! Mostly thank you Sherie!

  9. Wow! seriously, your sister really loves you! and she's super talented, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised... you're whole family is! Lucky!!!

  10. soooooo....i saw the abandoned metro blue goes green quilt at the store today...for a second i dreamed that maybe it was a welcome back gift for lil ol me! then i figured it was a push to get back to the grind stone [aka sewing machine]. too bad i will have to send my little brother to the closet again soon...especially since i bought some great plaid kilt material in scotland, and i already have a plan in mind!

  11. It is all amazing! And I love how you look in cowls!


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